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I am a 44 yr old working mom and have gotten great results! The coaches are knowledgeable, very encouraging, and supportive. FLF has made me excited about fitness and has changed my life!  Tracy

There is no other program out there that provides this type of goal oriented training combined with honest concern for each individual client. The small group training provides close attention from the coaches and camaraderie and support from fellow athletes. I’ve gotten great results! Leslie

FLF is amazing! Mindy and her crew will kick your butt (in a good way;)! The workouts are never the same and easily adaptable for ANY fitness level. They have helped me transform from a couch potato to fitness fanatic. I love this place! Maggie


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Lost 15 pounds & 15 inches

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Get strong, lean, and fit.

Increase your energy levels.

Learn to eat better – without dieting!

Live a healthier lifestyle.

Feel happier and more confident.

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Learn More About Our
28-Day Transformation Project

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Customized fat loss and muscle toning classes

Private nutrition coaching

Private fitness assessments

Weekly accountability with your personal coach

I have tried countless diets and programs but always gained back the weight that I lost. For the first time, I actually have the tools that I need to finally keep the weight off and be healthy long-term!  Jennifer

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Learn More About Our
28-Day Transformation Project