Body Transformation Challenge FAQs

“When is the Body Transformation Challenge?”

Our next 2013 program start date is July 8th and ends on August 23rd.

“How do I sign up for the Body Transformation Challenge?

You can register by clicking here: Body Transformation Registration

Once you register, you will be contacted by a staff member to schedule your assessment. Your assessment will include a documentation of your weight, “before” photos, measurements, and body fat percentage. Please note that if you are the winner, your photos may be used for promotional purposes.

“What happens after I sign up?”

Once you become a registered participant and have completed your assessment, you will start receiving emails about the challenge starting on Monday, July 1st. During this week, you will be given your password to access your Power Shred class schedule and your nutrition plan. In addition, you will receive weekly fitness and motivational tips from Mindy to keep you on track!

“How do you win the Body Transformation Challenge?”

The winner is determined by the greatest difference in starting body fat percentage and ending body fat percentage. For example, if your starting body fat percentage is 20% and you drop to 15% at the end of the challenge, you decreased your body fat by 25% and your score equals 25. The person with the highest score wins.

“What does the winner receive?”

The challenge winner has their choice of either $500 or 6 FREE months of Group Fitness training at Folsom Lake Fitness. Group Fitness training classes include Zumba and Power Shred. Class days and times are subject to change based on demand and instructor availability.

“What are Power Shred classes like?”

Power Shred classes are 45 minutes in length and are offered 4 times per week at Folsom Lake Fitness. Power Shred classes are split up into two focuses which gives each participant a TOTAL body workout while preventing over training.

  • Power Shred – Total Body Strength is offered on Monday & Friday at 5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, and 6pm. This class TONES and strengthens the lower and upper body with body weight circuits, sandbell strength training, and free weight training.
  • Power Shred – Cardio and Core is offered on Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, and 6pm. This class TORCHES fat and improves endurance with cardio intervals, core stability training, medicine ball training, and more!

“How many times a week should I attend?”

Participants are encouraged to attend up to 4 classes per week. Wednesday is a rest day and participants should engage in light physical activity only (walking, easy yoga, or stretching). Weekends are a great opportunity to stay active and we encourage all of our clients to do something FUN and not necessarily “workout” related. Some examples are: hiking, swimming, playing basketball, or taking a bike ride with the kids. It’s summertime after all…get out and PLAY!

“How do I sign up for Power Shred classes?”

After you complete your body composition assessment, you will be sent an email with a password to log into your Folsom Lake Fitness account and sign up for classes. You will need to reserve your class at least 1 hour in advance and are able to sign up for as many classes as you wish (up to 4 per week). Please note that online cancellations need to be done at least 2 hours in advance or you will be charged a $15 fee.

“Do you provide a nutrition plan?”

Yes! Each participant will receive a 7 week meal plan that can be customized to your individual needs. The meal plan, shopping list, and recipes will be provided on our website for you to download and print out.

“I am going to be going on vacation for 2 weeks….can I still participate?”

YES! Missing two weeks will not put you out of the running! Vacation is a great time to stay active and you will still have 5 weeks of training to get you into beach body shape!

“What happens after the challenge?”

All participants are welcome to continue attending Power Shred AND Zumba classes after the challenge is over. We offer unlimited classes per month for just $99 per month – no other contracts or commitments required! If you would like to try out our personal training program, we offer a 3 session trial for just $99 that includes a 45 minute nutrition consultation. For more information, go to: Persu, Personal Training

“I am a current client, can I still compete in the challenge?”

Absolutely! If you are currently enrolled in Persu or Group Fitness Training, simply email Stacie Lautrup at: to register. For best results, current clients are encouraged to continue their Persu strength training at least two days per week and attend Power Shred classes another two days per week. If you are a Persu L.E.A.N client, you are welcome to follow the Body Transformation meal plan, or follow your customized plan provided by Mindy.

“I have more questions…..”

Feel free to call us at: 916-985-2780 or email our Client Relations Manager, Stacie at: