Classes are limited to 12 clients and completely tailored to individual abilities, injuries, and goals. To ensure that each client receives excellent service and personalized coaching, we require session reservations be placed online at least 1 hour in advance and cancelled 2 hours in advance.



L.I.F.T (Load intensive, full body training): this is a 60 minute strength training class designed to burn body fat, build lean muscle, improve strength, and maximize your calorie burn. Workouts are customized to individual ability levels.

POWER SHRED: this is a 50 minute high intensity cardio class that uses a combination of high and low intensity movements that burn maximum calories and improve cardiovascular health. Workouts are customized to individual ability levels.

VINYASA YOGA: Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses that work on every muscle group with the power of inhaling and exhaling. This 60 minute class improves flexibility and stamina while burning fat simultaneously.

POWER YOGA: Power Yoga is a 60 minute class that helps regulate the metabolism, speed weight loss, and improve sleep function by balancing hormones and thyroid function. This class rejuvenates every cell of the body and keeps degenerative aging in check.